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På denna sida lägger jag in kartor, banor och vägval från mina orienteringslopp.

25manna Leg5 (06.10.2018)
Samstag 6 Oktober 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
This was the biggest goal race of my autumn after realising I wasnt at oringen I wasnt going to be in good shape for the early aut...
Finnish Relay League Final (29.09.2018)
Finnish Relay League Final - Turku Ran 2nd leg after Anssi. Anssi ran well on well on first leg, at the half way point I heard h...
OKS Night Middle Training  (20.09.2018)
Donnerstag 20 September 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
OKS Middle Training I waited so it it would be dark but didnt really need a lamp for the first 15mins or so then it was night or...
SM Relay 3rd leg (16.09.2018)
Sonntag 16 September 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
SM Relay Lidingö 3rd team last leg (same as last year) ran as Robert Larsson Wasnt sure I would get to run until half way into ...
SM Middle Final (15.09.2018)
Samstag 15 September 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
SM Middle Final D Felt tired physically from the beginning but the orienteering was better than yesterday. 1 small error to no5 ...
SM Middle Qual (14.09.2018)
Freitag 14 September 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
SM Middle Qualification Just felt nothing was going like I wanted for the first 8 controls, always feeling Im not quite where I ...
OKS long legs (30.08.2018)
Donnerstag 30 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
OKS Club training Long legs and good to have a good longer course. I felt better than earlier Nice to run with "Tompa the Genera...
OKS Club Tech Training @ Granby (28.08.2018)
OKS club tech training @ Granby Pretty good on the whole. Started to loose to concentration at the very end
DM Middle (26.08.2018)
Sonntag 26 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
DM Middle Distance (Stockholm Champs) Had a good race started pretty aggressively then settled down in the more technical terrain...
DM Lång Distance (25.08.2018)
Samstag 25 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
DM long distance (Stockholm Champs) Not good in the beginning. I lost 70s at no1 because I wasnt 100% sure where I entered the c...
Flaten Control Pick  (21.08.2018)
Dienstag 21 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
OKS tech training Flaten control pick Mostly pretty good, some small errors (mainly to do with direction) not sure if the root o...
Vallentuna - No Map OR Compass  (20.08.2018)
I had to take the car to Vallentuna to be fix so while it was beening fixed I went orienteering.... I took a screen shot of the m...
Långhundra middle (18.08.2018)
Samstag 18 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Långhundra middle This was a disappointing race by me. While running I was a bit distracted how long it took to get to th...
Flaten Training (14.08.2018)
Dienstag 14 August 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Re run Flaten Middle from 2013 Really nice and good fun. Took it easy but still be my time from the race!! Great confirmation tha...
Oringen 2018 - Day 5 Chase (27.07.2018)
Oringen day 5 -- chasing start went out 83 came back 72 Really fun! Really clam before the race didnt look at the start list wa...
Oringen 2018 - Day 4 (26.07.2018)
Donnerstag 26 Juli 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Oringen day 4 Nicest terrain yet, Loved it despite not a performance Im proud of. I missed no8 big, lost concentration then trie...
Oringen 2018 - Day 3 (25.07.2018)
Oringen day 3 -- middle Was a little more aggressive and rushing abit too much to feel smooth but still pretty good... apart fro...
Oringen 2018 - Day 2 (23.07.2018)
Today was a real battle at the end, feeling tired and struggling more and more thoughout the course until I totally ran out of ene...
Oringen 2018 - Day 1  (22.07.2018)
Good technically. Needed a little more disapline leaving no1 = a bit of fannying around But only real time loss was no15 where t...
Jukola leg 2 (16.06.2018)
Samstag 16 Juni 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Night Relay, Strecke 2
Jukola leg 2 in 2nd team I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago saying I was first reserve for the 1st team so was little dissa...
Tyresta (course from DM relay 2017) (06.06.2018)
Went to Tyresta to run the course from DM relay last year. I was sick when the race was on but got the map and been meaning to com...
Baltic Open Champs Middle (27.05.2018)
Sonntag 27 Mai 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Baltic Open Champs middle Feeling tried after yesterdays long distance (to be expected) and I tried to be a little more aggressiv...
Labyrinth Orienteering on Näsets (24.05.2018)
Fun, played some tactics on Alex and Mattias in the begining to get away then chilled out and enjoyed it! But jumped a barrier to ...
British Relay Champs (20.05.2018)
Sonntag 20 Mai 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Strecke 2nd
British relay champs 2nd leg, a team with Matt and Cherry. We came 3rd and took home a medal!! After yesterday's disappoint I ve...
Fredrika Bremer Control Pick Championshipd (14.05.2018)
Fredrika Bremer Control Pick Championships I ran to wake up controls, lots of fun, tough course!! Really detailed area on a 1:5...
Roslagans Long (05.05.2018)
Samstag 5 Mai 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Roslagens Lång Felt like a real classic toward the end when I was in survival mode. In the begining I was really trying to be s...
10mila -- Leg 6 (29.04.2018)
Sonntag 29 April 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Night , Strecke 6|Ergebnisse
10mila Nynäshamn leg 6 Really good race! I had spent a lot of time in the week trying to get my mind ready and prepare for how...
Swedish League Skåne Middle (15.04.2018)
Swedish League Middle Skåne Feeling physically pretty bad, not recovered well from the long. Started feeling it was a bit scra...
Swedish League Skåne Long  (14.04.2018)
Swedish League Long -- Helsingborg (almost Denmark) Open beech forest quite similar to some south England terrain. I tried to run...
Pre 10mila @ Sågen (25.03.2018)
Ran the course backward
Pre 10mila @Sågen #1 (25.03.2018)
Ran course backward
Pre 10mila Mass Start Training (23.03.2018)
Södertörn and Snättring Mass start training
Vinterserien  (11.03.2018)
Sonntag 11 März 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Hökarängen, OK Södertörn
Vinterserien in Hökarängen Still not feeling 100% so was taking it pretty easy but caught Louise and ended up trying out orient...
Mila By Night Final @ Källbrink in the snow (07.03.2018)
Mittwoch 7 März 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Mila By Night Final @ Källbrink in a lot of snow Felt pretty up for this before the race and physically better than I thought I...
Famous N course (23.02.2018)
Freitag 23 Februar 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Guardamar Norte
Famous "N" course no mistakes, ran pretty much straight as possible until i lost some confidence to no6 so stayed closer to the bi...
Vinterserien Söders  (11.02.2018)
Sonntag 11 Februar 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Vinterserien Alby Söders Really good area and course, loads of detail and I struggled a bit without my magnifier. Made a few sm...
Snättringe Long Session Planned by Tobi (10.02.2018)
Snättringe Long session planned by Tobi Fun session and felt pretty good. I usually are not too fussed by multi technique cours...
Mila By Night - Gustavsberg (07.02.2018)
Mila By Night - Gustavsberg Went ok, a few smaller mistakes 25-40sec that put a dampener on the race mainly from not being as car...
OKS Training (01.02.2018)
Donnerstag 1 Februar 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
OKS training Low physical effort. Small mistake at no10 but otherwise pretty good
Vinterserien @ Fagersjö (28.01.2018)
Sonntag 28 Jänner 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Centrum OK
Vinterserien @ Fagersjö Fun course going to lots of little woods that dont get used so was able to keep the orienteering honest....
Snättringe long session (27.01.2018)
Samstag 27 Jänner 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Snättringe Long session from Källbrink Good course. technical orienteering all the way. really enjoyed it fighting concentratio...
OKS training (25.01.2018)
Donnerstag 25 Jänner 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
OKS Club Training Nice to do something a little different, but I was hoping for something more technical because I was feeling a...
Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (14.01.2018)
Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (same terrain as 25manna 2016) Im disappointed with this performance Went ok in the beginning but bl...
Mila By Night (10.01.2018)
Mittwoch 10 Jänner 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Ängsjö, Attunda
Night Mass Start
Mila by night @ ängsjö The best mila I have been too! Good forest and proper relay gaffling rather than butterflies. Sta...
O intervals  (08.01.2018)
Montag 8 Jänner 2018
Kategorie: Tävling
Ågesta, Dima
O intervals planned by Dima and ran with him and Sergey They made me feel very slow (first time over 80kg for a few years haha) ...