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25manna Leg5 (2018-10-06)
Sabato 6 Ottobre 2018
Categoria: Tävling
This was the biggest goal race of my autumn after realising I wasnt at oringen I wasnt going to be in good shape for the early aut...
Finnish Relay League Final (2018-09-29)
Finnish Relay League Final - Turku Ran 2nd leg after Anssi. Anssi ran well on well on first leg, at the half way point I heard h...
OKS Night Middle Training  (2018-09-20)
OKS Middle Training I waited so it it would be dark but didnt really need a lamp for the first 15mins or so then it was night or...
SM Relay 3rd leg (2018-09-16)
Domenica 16 Settembre 2018
Categoria: Tävling
SM Relay Lidingö 3rd team last leg (same as last year) ran as Robert Larsson Wasnt sure I would get to run until half way into ...
SM Middle Final (2018-09-15)
Sabato 15 Settembre 2018
Categoria: Tävling
SM Middle Final D Felt tired physically from the beginning but the orienteering was better than yesterday. 1 small error to no5 ...
SM Middle Qual (2018-09-14)
Venerdì 14 Settembre 2018
Categoria: Tävling
SM Middle Qualification Just felt nothing was going like I wanted for the first 8 controls, always feeling Im not quite where I ...
OKS long legs (2018-08-30)
Giovedì 30 Agosto 2018
Categoria: Tävling
OKS Club training Long legs and good to have a good longer course. I felt better than earlier Nice to run with "Tompa the Genera...
OKS Club Tech Training @ Granby (2018-08-28)
OKS club tech training @ Granby Pretty good on the whole. Started to loose to concentration at the very end
DM Middle (2018-08-26)
Domenica 26 Agosto 2018
Categoria: Tävling
DM Middle Distance (Stockholm Champs) Had a good race started pretty aggressively then settled down in the more technical terrain...
DM Lång Distance (2018-08-25)
Sabato 25 Agosto 2018
Categoria: Tävling
DM long distance (Stockholm Champs) Not good in the beginning. I lost 70s at no1 because I wasnt 100% sure where I entered the c...
Flaten Control Pick  (2018-08-21)
OKS tech training Flaten control pick Mostly pretty good, some small errors (mainly to do with direction) not sure if the root o...
Vallentuna - No Map OR Compass  (2018-08-20)
I had to take the car to Vallentuna to be fix so while it was beening fixed I went orienteering.... I took a screen shot of the m...
Långhundra middle (2018-08-18)
Långhundra middle This was a disappointing race by me. While running I was a bit distracted how long it took to get to th...
Flaten Training (2018-08-14)
Martedì 14 Agosto 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Re run Flaten Middle from 2013 Really nice and good fun. Took it easy but still be my time from the race!! Great confirmation tha...
Oringen 2018 - Day 5 Chase (2018-07-27)
Oringen day 5 -- chasing start went out 83 came back 72 Really fun! Really clam before the race didnt look at the start list wa...
Oringen 2018 - Day 4 (2018-07-26)
Oringen day 4 Nicest terrain yet, Loved it despite not a performance Im proud of. I missed no8 big, lost concentration then trie...
Oringen 2018 - Day 3 (2018-07-25)
Oringen day 3 -- middle Was a little more aggressive and rushing abit too much to feel smooth but still pretty good... apart fro...
Oringen 2018 - Day 2 (2018-07-23)
Today was a real battle at the end, feeling tired and struggling more and more thoughout the course until I totally ran out of ene...
Oringen 2018 - Day 1  (2018-07-22)
Good technically. Needed a little more disapline leaving no1 = a bit of fannying around But only real time loss was no15 where t...
Jukola leg 2 (2018-06-16)
Sabato 16 Giungo 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Night Relay, frazione 2
Jukola leg 2 in 2nd team I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago saying I was first reserve for the 1st team so was little dissa...
Tyresta (course from DM relay 2017) (2018-06-06)
Went to Tyresta to run the course from DM relay last year. I was sick when the race was on but got the map and been meaning to com...
Baltic Open Champs Middle (2018-05-27)
Domenica 27 Maggio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Baltic Open Champs middle Feeling tried after yesterdays long distance (to be expected) and I tried to be a little more aggressiv...
Labyrinth Orienteering on Näsets (2018-05-24)
Fun, played some tactics on Alex and Mattias in the begining to get away then chilled out and enjoyed it! But jumped a barrier to ...
British Relay Champs (2018-05-20)
Domenica 20 Maggio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Frazione della staffetta 2nd
British relay champs 2nd leg, a team with Matt and Cherry. We came 3rd and took home a medal!! After yesterday's disappoint I ve...
Fredrika Bremer Control Pick Championshipd (2018-05-14)
Fredrika Bremer Control Pick Championships I ran to wake up controls, lots of fun, tough course!! Really detailed area on a 1:5...
Roslagans Long (2018-05-05)
Roslagens Lång Felt like a real classic toward the end when I was in survival mode. In the begining I was really trying to be s...
10mila -- Leg 6 (2018-04-29)
Domenica 29 Aprile 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Night , frazione 6|Risultati
10mila Nynäshamn leg 6 Really good race! I had spent a lot of time in the week trying to get my mind ready and prepare for how...
Swedish League Skåne Middle (2018-04-15)
Swedish League Middle Skåne Feeling physically pretty bad, not recovered well from the long. Started feeling it was a bit scra...
Swedish League Skåne Long  (2018-04-14)
Swedish League Long -- Helsingborg (almost Denmark) Open beech forest quite similar to some south England terrain. I tried to run...
Pre 10mila @ Sågen (2018-03-25)
Ran the course backward
Pre 10mila @Sågen #1 (2018-03-25)
Ran course backward
Pre 10mila Mass Start Training (2018-03-23)
Södertörn and Snättring Mass start training
Vinterserien  (2018-03-11)
Domenica 11 Marzo 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Hökarängen, OK Södertörn
Vinterserien in Hökarängen Still not feeling 100% so was taking it pretty easy but caught Louise and ended up trying out orient...
Mila By Night Final @ Källbrink in the snow (2018-03-07)
Mila By Night Final @ Källbrink in a lot of snow Felt pretty up for this before the race and physically better than I thought I...
Famous N course (2018-02-23)
Venerdì 23 Febbraio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Guardamar Norte
Famous "N" course no mistakes, ran pretty much straight as possible until i lost some confidence to no6 so stayed closer to the bi...
Vinterserien Söders  (2018-02-11)
Domenica 11 Febbraio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Vinterserien Alby Söders Really good area and course, loads of detail and I struggled a bit without my magnifier. Made a few sm...
Snättringe Long Session Planned by Tobi (2018-02-10)
Snättringe Long session planned by Tobi Fun session and felt pretty good. I usually are not too fussed by multi technique cours...
Mila By Night - Gustavsberg (2018-02-07)
Mila By Night - Gustavsberg Went ok, a few smaller mistakes 25-40sec that put a dampener on the race mainly from not being as car...
OKS Training (2018-02-01)
Giovedì 1 Febbraio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
OKS training Low physical effort. Small mistake at no10 but otherwise pretty good
Vinterserien @ Fagersjö (2018-01-28)
Domenica 28 Gennaio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Centrum OK
Vinterserien @ Fagersjö Fun course going to lots of little woods that dont get used so was able to keep the orienteering honest....
Snättringe long session (2018-01-27)
Sabato 27 Gennaio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Snättringe Long session from Källbrink Good course. technical orienteering all the way. really enjoyed it fighting concentratio...
OKS training (2018-01-25)
Giovedì 25 Gennaio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
OKS Club Training Nice to do something a little different, but I was hoping for something more technical because I was feeling a...
Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (2018-01-14)
Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (same terrain as 25manna 2016) Im disappointed with this performance Went ok in the beginning but bl...
Mila By Night (2018-01-10)
Mercoledì 10 Gennaio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Ängsjö, Attunda
Night Mass Start
Mila by night @ ängsjö The best mila I have been too! Good forest and proper relay gaffling rather than butterflies. Sta...
O intervals  (2018-01-08)
Lunedì 8 Gennaio 2018
Categoria: Tävling
Ågesta, Dima
O intervals planned by Dima and ran with him and Sergey They made me feel very slow (first time over 80kg for a few years haha) ...