Mila By Night (2018-01-10)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Ängsjö
Arrangör: Attunda
Distans: Night Mass Start
Sträcka: 10.03 km
Tid: 58:53
Mila by night @ ängsjö

The best mila I have been too! Good forest and proper relay gaffling rather than butterflies.

Started straight into a detailed area where I got my controls well and came out with a good group (the lead or just behind?).
on the long leg to 8 I wasnt concentrating enough and wasnt ahead of myself in the last 3rd of the leg. I ran very close to the control but didnt see it thinking we still had to go further but everyone in the group punched it except me then i saw them running away, i thought "they are running fast to say we should be entering the control. oh dear!" haha +45s.
From there i was pretty much alone.
I did pretty well a part from I think I set my compass badly out of no17 and a bad route to no20.

When I was leaving no 18 there was a light running towards me and i thought "i bet thats Dimi". I last saw him on the way to no8 when he came up behind me and said "Xyn" (dick in russian) and now he is shouting "Fuck, fuck, fuck" hahah. I thought I had enough of a gap to stay out of sight and finish without seeing him again but he is running fast and reeled me in to beat me in the sprint finish but he didnt punch the finish so on the results i beat him by 1s!?

I felt ok but slow and tough up hill. I dont in good shape and that everyone else feels fast! hopfully get this sorted soon
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Mila By Night (2018-01-10) Mila By Night (2018-01-10)