Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (2018-01-14)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 9.72 km
Tid: 64:45
Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (same terrain as 25manna 2016)

Im disappointed with this performance
Went ok in the beginning but blow 90s on no6, then struggled with negative thoughts though the rest of the course, every small mistake felt huge and i was thinking "For fuck sake an other mistake" almost every control.

I also felt pretty tired and struggling physically that probably played part on my negativity

there was times that I felt I was flowing pretty well and I felt confident and smooth on the rocky ground.

But the concentration wasnt there and there was routine problems!
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Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (2018-01-14) Vinterserien Kungens Kurva (2018-01-14)