Mila By Night - Gustavsberg (2018-02-07)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 10.33 km
Tid: 59:23
Mila By Night - Gustavsberg

Went ok, a few smaller mistakes 25-40sec that put a dampener on the race mainly from not being as careful as I should (orienteered to the wrong feature on one control and tried to attack the control from parallel feature at another) but generally ok.
Pretty poor course. With butterflies like this you see who is on your gaffle really easy so I just tried to run up the train and not orienteer on quite a few controls. Better with proper gaffling.
Physically tired in the end and didnt have the mind to fight to hold my position along the path running after no21
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Mila By Night - Gustavsberg (2018-02-07) Mila By Night - Gustavsberg (2018-02-07)