Swedish League Skåne Long (2018-04-14)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 16.02 km
Tid: 95:51
Swedish League Long -- Helsingborg (almost Denmark)

Open beech forest quite similar to some south England terrain. I tried to run straight pretty much all the time even though there was path options. Thought the terrain was easy running but looks like I lost time with this tactic. Also for some reason I thought I would run 80-85mins so pushed hard from the start and got really tired towards the end. Made a massive mistake where I only used my compass and set it wrong or knocked it so I ran 20degrees or so wrong and came to the path miles away from where I wanted. oops
not a great day but quite fun

Really annoyed about no6, I was really lazy and didnt look at anything but the compass and getting to the big valley. Even when I knew I was going wrong I didnt check what I was doing, just hoped it would turnout ok in the end.
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Swedish League Skåne Long  (2018-04-14) Swedish League Skåne Long  (2018-04-14)