Swedish League Skåne Middle (2018-04-15)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 6.04 km
Tid: 36:36
Swedish League Middle Skåne

Feeling physically pretty bad, not recovered well from the long.

Started feeling it was a bit scrappy and with a small miss at no4 and a biggger mistake at no6 where I saw the control but thought it wasnt mine, until I realised it was and had to turn back!

Here is where I got caught up by Anton Forsberg who start 2min behind me. I thought there was a good chance this would happen and expected it to be a faster pace but was actually ok and I was able to orienteer behind him. I fell just before no10 and my house came out the compass so stopped to find it and Anton got a gap so I pushed to catch him and this put me in the red a bit and from there it felt a bit rough. Then I fell again combined with getting tangled with a load of slower runners at control 15 and he got another gap and I didnt have the legs or mind to chase him back again.

The rest went pretty well, I had forgotten my spare compass but it was ok and helped me remember to look further away and use bigger features so was good training!

This was a good experience watching Anton and running without a compass. Lots of lessons to learn!!
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Swedish League Skåne Middle (2018-04-15) Swedish League Skåne Middle (2018-04-15)