10mila -- Leg 6 (2018-04-29)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Nynäshamn
Distans: Night
Sträcka: 6
Sträcka: 9.38 km
Tid: 58:18
10mila Nynäshamn leg 6

Really good race!

I had spent a lot of time in the week trying to get my mind ready and prepare for how to run. Last week I was pretty low in confidence (after being sick for a few weeks round easter, then struggled at Swedish league and FinnSpring now going aswel as hoped) and not really the spring I hoped for so far. Toni really helped me a lot this week!!!

23:30 alarm to get up and eat a little and jog then prepare to run around about 3:00-3:30.

I felt we was a little bit behind where we expected to be in the beginning and although no one ran badly. But being behind meant I got to hear that there was big mistakes happening on leg 6 and saw some bits of GPS.

I knew I wanted to orienteer safe and stop if anything felt strange, relaxed physically using the 95% rule and me smile a lot!! I used this last rule more than ever before, smiling to relax myself throughout the course!! Sounds silly but seemed to work.

I made a few extra safe route choices these was after I hesitated or felt I was loosing some time, especially to no5 and 14. I didnt think no3 and 4 was great and small mistakes to 11 and 13 (but no real time lost). Also mid way to 3 I changed my route after not really sure where I was so decided to be safer (I'd rather loose 15-20s changing my plan than loose more on mistakes). But a part from this is was all really good!
(feels a bit strange not having anything to complain about!)

I felt I was catching up some people which lift me up and made me feel happy but didnt know if they was on leg 5 or 6.

It was really nice to finish and really good to see Petri and Henkka was happy with my run because although it felt pretty good, I wasnt pushing too hard until I realise "this seems a really easy control why is it next to a field? Oh shit its the second last control maybe I should get a move on" so to see there big smiles and positive bouncing energy was great!! (Especially from Finns ;-) )

Turn out the live result made me look a lot better than it was, because I only lost 30s to the lead but that is because the leader went out a long way ahead on 2nd and blow it so got over took.
but I did climb some place so there was still reason to smile and be happy!!

Then the other boys carried on and we climbed upto 40th!!

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10mila -- Leg 6 (2018-04-29) 10mila -- Leg 6 (2018-04-29)