British Relay Champs (2018-05-20)
Kategori: Tävling
Arrangör: Maroc
Sträcka: 2nd
Sträcka: 6.32 km
Tid: 35:33
British relay champs 2nd leg, a team with Matt and Cherry. We came 3rd and took home a medal!!

After yesterday's disappoint I vee even more motivated to do well today. I chatted to the boys a lot and discussed some tactics and ideas. This was a technical area and we are 3 experiend relay orienteers so we should play to our strengths and take no risks.

A lot of very good reams in the start list. This looked to be the the best start field for a british relay Ive seen. Very exciting to see so many teams in with a proper shoot of a medal.
FVO (clear favourites), EUOC, OD, MDOC, NOC, Aire, INT, EUOC 2 and MAROC

Watching the start was really good, Cherry was near the back. Seeing this and how he was behaving made me realise he was being sensible and was confident in himself (looked different to other mass starts I have seen him in). I wasnt suprised to see him in the lead at the spectator control, but I was a little suprised to see at only Pete Bray (MDOC) a little behind and no one else around at all. This is was exactly what I wanted so felt happy and relaxed.
At the change over Pete had a 45s-1min lead so thought to myself Cherry must have made a mistake in the end I need to be extra careful after the spectator. (turned out Pete gaffle was a lot shorter). Jonny Malley (MDOC) went out with a lead but shouted "oh shit" when he got the map in the lead, I thought he is about to have a "classic Malley" run so dont think about him again.
Then Cherry came back the frount of a small group 20s behind.

I went out hit my gaffles in the first loop, stopping to read the map when needed and staying very relaxed.
I saw Jonny at my no1 (bit it wasnt his control), I saw Nixon (FVO) and Matt Fellbaum (EUOC) and maybe a couple if other. Leaving the first loop Nixon and Matt I could see a head 20s ish and it was like that all the way until I had had too many longer gaffles and they got further ahead so I just caught glimpses of Matt every now and again but Nixon had got a bigger gap.

Basically in my own orienteering I was safe and paused quite alot and didnt take any risks.

Come the the spectator I looked ahead on the map and realised the last loop was very easy orienteering. I head Cheery and Bazzer shouting so gave them a wave (to Nevs annoyance). This was according to mine and Tonis new thinking "if you cant smile your pushing too hard". I heard Cherry shout Matt Fellbaum was 90s ahead but knew cant was true anyhow from there it was just running so I lifted the pace and cuaght Matt and overtook him to finish 2nd place 15secs? ahead of EUOC.

So on last leg Kris for FVO had quite a big gap a head and Matt for us and Sasha for EUOC together and a big gap behind. I knew This was quite a big ask for Matt, Sasha is in good shape and in home terrain. Then Sasha came to the spectator 70s ahead of Matt and no one behind so we got our medals!!!

Dead chuffed to run the the boys!! Definately the best way to go orienteering is a group of motivated friends in the same team doing well in tough competition.
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British Relay Champs (2018-05-20) British Relay Champs (2018-05-20)