Baltic Open Champs Middle (2018-05-27)
Kategori: Tävling
Land: Latvia
Sträcka: 6.4 km
Tid: 47:10
Baltic Open Champs middle

Feeling tried after yesterdays long distance (to be expected) and I tried to be a little more aggressive in the terrain but it is very demanding terrain and it wasnt as smooth as I would have liked.

start to no2 I was ok but feeling I was close to making mistakes even though I was ok.
No3 I rushed the plan and missed and I didnt see the few things I planned to +45s

4-6 kept it simple and tried started to get it

7- Ran up the wrong reenterant, I tried using my compass but had a brain fart, I was already feeling tired here +55s

8-finish - Pretty OK, started to flow and get the feeling, but every now and a again Id need to stand still and check I every thing was ok and reassure myself. This made it feel scrappy but after this section of the course I feel I learnt more about how to run in this type of terrain shame it was the last controls of the weekend!! Hope to be back in Latvia again soon as it was great races and really well organised events
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Baltic Open Champs Middle (2018-05-27) Baltic Open Champs Middle (2018-05-27)