Jukola leg 2 (2018-06-16)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Lahti
Distans: Night Relay
Sträcka: 2
Sträcka: 13.34 km
Tid: 78:07
Jukola leg 2 in 2nd team

I had a phone call a couple of weeks ago saying I was first reserve for the 1st team so was little dissapointed at first but after talking to Toni and Petri we decided I should prepare for the first team anyway as its likely someone will get sick or injured ... Turns out the EsSu boys are tougher than most teams and every one was healthy!! (Which Im happy about, of course I wanted to be in the first team but I also want healty mates and it was a good laugh staying in the house with everyone in high spirits and no one moping or someone we all try to avoid!!)

To no1 I looked to go round to the right and down the big path to the marsh but everyone else went straight and there was no lights ahead going off the the right so I decided to go straight too. I felt a little low in confidence in the vague area in the middle of the leg but when I found the path I wanted I was able to relax and smile all the way into the control.

1-5 Pretty standard, caught Rhys up here and decided not to talk to him and let us both focus on our own races (+ I think I saw him starting to make a mistake at no5 just as I caught up to him?? ;-) ).

6 I heard a few codes being shouted and realised this was ungaffled so was probably the area where we have longer than first leg, so I relaxed and tried to save energy and keep an eye on Jere from Lidingö then he didnt do it very well and I realised we was missing early I fixed it. I spoke to Jere before the start and he was stressed and but this control had over taken me 3 times, from now on I will not use him for orienteering again as this is not his day (or night)

7-11 Heard more control swapping in a few different langues, even if I cant speak Finnish it doesnt take a genius to hear a word then "Joo"... another word "Joo" ... another word "Joo" and the pattern continues for me to understand this is ungaffled for a long time!!
Sat in the group about 5th - 10th, heavy compass work and ticking off the features, letting the big groups lamps light up the terrain (looking at the splits now the group was about 30-35 teams with in 1min). Bumped into Lari (EsSu team 1) for the first time swapped codes, told him it was ungaffeled for a while

11-14 This section looked simple so decided to try push on a bit felt I got a way with Lidingö and Kristiansand (who had already overtaken me 4 or 5 times and I knew was a good runner but can be flakey) so when we came towards 14 and the wasnt going my attakpoint I knew to leave them.

15-16 together with Lari, told him not to use the two guys just ahead

17- oh dear really dusty in the open area and I lost concentration and wasnt 100% confident where I was realised this was gaffeled. In our team meeting we discussed a lot about how all runners can lose time, dont take risk and reduec your time losses as much as possible. So I decided to stay on my compass go straight the forested area to the path behind and come back in from the junction. I thought I wouldnt loose much time and the group tail enders should still be in sight. Turns out this is the point Elias Kuukka and everyone realised the next control was the spectator and chased after him at high speed so manged to loose 1min and 30 places + the speed for the final section here. In hindsight maybe this wasnt the best decision or maybe bad luck!?

19 - Getting tired and didnt understand the map, the depression just before the control was smaller than I imaged.

to the finish - Working hard!! feeling tired

So Im feeling a bit disappointed with my end result even though there is a lot of positives to take from the race.

This was worst Jukola course I ran with only 5 gaffeled controls, not exactly what I dream of when I think of Jukola orienteering
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Jukola leg 2 (2018-06-16) Jukola leg 2 (2018-06-16)