Oringen 2018 - Day 5 Chase (2018-07-27)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 13.65 km
Tid: 93:56
Oringen day 5 -- chasing start

went out 83 came back 72

Really fun!
Really clam before the race didnt look at the start list was just going to enjoy the course and maybe see some people, pretty low confidence around my racing ability at the mo so wasnt going to do anything special. 15sec up to the lad in front and then quite a few people just a head of him (turns out I was the 2nd person on the the offical chase and at 15sec start intervals, that turned out to be quite important info I didnt know at the finish when I didnt try get a big gap to the finish because I thought if I finished ahead I would beat the others and then was behind in the results because of the total time, oops!)

Started off pretty well and got with Jesper Lyselle at no2, I stayed ahead most of the time but was nice to keep me focused and have some company. Soon I started to catch a few more people around no6-9, I got looked at the whole course and realise it wasnt as tough as the previous days and by no14 we was pretty much heading home so on the way to no10 I though I should lift the effort to drop some people so I wouldnt need to sprint at the end. But every time I felt I was getting away I had a problem and the group would get back together. No12 really bushy area and the control boulder was hidden in a spruce tree, no14 I crossed another unmapped ride, but at no16 I was looking at other people and not orienteering myself!
When we came to no17 I was at the back of a group of about 7-8 guys and the front guy went straight and everyone followed and I decided to take a chance and go around and I may beat them, I was feeling tired, straight looked tougher and round looked easy so thought it would be ok. Now I think I should have gone straight anyway. Turned out to be pretty similar and I overtook most of that group but I fannied about a bit in the circle (15-20s) and the leader got away and didnt see him until the finish.
Left this control hard to get a gap before the last control and was able to run pretty chilled to the finish!

Good fun race but not top performance by me in the last 30mins
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Oringen 2018 - Day 5 Chase (2018-07-27) Oringen 2018 - Day 5 Chase (2018-07-27)