Långhundra middle (2018-08-18)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 5.13 km
Tid: 32:13
Långhundra middle

This was a disappointing race by me.

While running I was a bit distracted how long it took to get to the start kite and where it was positioned and then started to miss no1, then left no2 badly, then made a stupid mistake in near the control, then punched another control on the stone just before no3, no4 and 5 was ok but then to no6 I thought the last hill didnt look like I imagined and after that it started to get better.

But this was all just bullshit in my head!! In reality I had no real problem but stressed over the small things at cost less than 10se and didnt flow well because of it ... Ok I lost 20s at no2 near the control because I stayed on the path longer than I meant to and wasnt looking up and using the whole terrain around the circle

But I learnt a lot at this race about myself
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Långhundra middle (2018-08-18) Långhundra middle (2018-08-18)