Vallentuna - No Map OR Compass (2018-08-20)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 9.08 km
Tid: 88:45
I had to take the car to Vallentuna to be fix so while it was beening fixed I went orienteering....

I took a screen shot of the map near by and thought Id run the course map memory (because I didnt want to run carrying my phone incase I fell and smashed it). I also decided not to bring a compass because it would be weird to use it on my phone, that was not a good idea because it was pretty vague terrain
This made for a really tough technical training!! I got lost quite a lot but it was a lot of fun and made me focus on lifting my head up.

Started just off the map near no8 then followed the course around, didnt really understand how tricky this would be to no9 and didnt plan to use enough features and ended up making a massive U turn haha, needed to get the map out to check here.

then pretty good for the next few controls and really started to feel it was going well all the way round to no5 but no6 was really tricky and had to get my map out to check here too (also stoped my watch and forgot to restart it). I got really disorientated around no7 so when I found the control and it was really flat and vague I didnt point the map north so started running in 45degrees the wrong direction before coming out at a big open hill!

This training was really fun and I would do it again if I cant get hold of a map but defiantly needs more respect and better in more detailed terrain!!
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Vallentuna - No Map OR Compass  (2018-08-20) Vallentuna - No Map OR Compass  (2018-08-20)