DM Lång Distance (2018-08-25)
Kategori: Tävling
Karta/område: Sorunda
Sträcka: 12.46 km
Tid: 80:27
DM long distance (Stockholm Champs)

Not good in the beginning.
I lost 70s at no1 because I wasnt 100% sure where I entered the circle and the ground was a lot more detailed and bigger/steeped than I imagened (thinking it was 2x small knolls upto 1m on a saddle/ridge but in reality everything was 2m tall and hard to see far).
Then I lost 1min45s on no2 thought I ran too far and was in the reenterant behind the control before relocating and getting into the control just a head of the man who started 3min after me (classic older bloke thats still pretty good! Fy Fan Söders!!)

Then the next few controls I concentrated on calming down

After that we pretty much ran near each other, taking different routes then getting caught up again then running a few controls then Id do something different then get to the controls just a head. I got the feeling I was orienteering better but he was faster. This defiantly kept our speed high and was good for us both.
On the path to no11 I tried a few tactics so he'd leave me (and hopefully miss) but it was easy in the end and I faded physically!

Fun but not the performance I hoped for
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DM Lång Distance (2018-08-25) DM Lång Distance (2018-08-25)