SM Relay 3rd leg (2018-09-16)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 11.21 km
Tid: 80:40
SM Relay
Lidingö 3rd team last leg (same as last year) ran as Robert Larsson

Wasnt sure I would get to run until half way into first leg so I wanst going into this overly seriously, just thought it would be a really cool training session. Got the map in a little group and a few teams went out a little ahead, so was excited it would be more fun than expected.

A little unsure of the best route to no1 and thought the road to the right my be too far and and only half looked at the wider left route before dismissing it. My route was ok (right probably faster) and didnt execute it great in the first half.

Orienteered pretty well though the next section, seeing a few people so getting a nice "relay" feel.

No10 dicided to take the road probably not the best option and doubted it in the race, then another bad route choice to no21 where I deicided not to take the road that cost over 1min.

All in all pretty good orienteering but struggled to find the best routes! Lots of fun though
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SM Relay 3rd leg (2018-09-16) SM Relay 3rd leg (2018-09-16)