Finnish Relay League Final (2018-09-29)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 5.05 km
Tid: 30:43
Finnish Relay League Final - Turku

Ran 2nd leg after Anssi.
Anssi ran well on well on first leg, at the half way point I heard he was 18s off the lead, a little bit higher than expected so set up a few butterflies (that I quickly quietened). Anssi stuck to the pre race plan and didnt take any risks and come back 2min30 down rather than trying to stay with the front group.

I started pretty aggressively, orienteered well and managed to almost get on the back of the group that started 20-30s ahead of me. But after I got to them I wasnt great though the next couple of controls 5-6-7 and they got another gap. No5 I thought I broke my magnifier on a tree, so the problem was concentrating there +20s.
Calmed down and ran well to the spectator and got into a group of 5 or 6 and almost ran to the wrong gaffle at no15 but realised, just not sure quite was was wrong (not a mistake really only cost 15s).

Really fun race, a lot better terrain than I first thought looking at the old map. Pushed really hard and was good training for 25manna!

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Finnish Relay League Final (2018-09-29) Finnish Relay League Final (2018-09-29)