25manna Leg5 (2018-10-06)
Kategori: Tävling
Sträcka: 7.63 km
Tid: 39:06
This was the biggest goal race of my autumn after realising I wasnt at oringen I wasnt going to be in good shape for the early autumn season.

But it wasnt the race I was hoping for ....

First thoughts -
While running it felt OK in the first half, took some safe routes choices (no2 and no3) and some controls where I ended up not where I expected but realised and avoided too muck time loss. But thought it was going alright and got with a big ish group... Then had a mental fail and I missed no8, stressed and missed no9 badly!

After analysing -
No1 - I must have set my compass wrong becuase I used my compass and ran stright to the wrong place, the plan was basically run all the way to the powerline and hill so when I knew it was going wrong I just pushed on because I knew I could relocate easier it I keep going.
No2 - looked tricky and risky so went round to be safe but winsplits shows it as a 30s miss which suprises me!?
Then ran pretty well for the next few controls (bar a silly thought that I didnt need to change my house to no4!)
No7 - I lost contact and concentration I decided to change plan and be safe
No8 - I orienteered out to the main path but after there I just followed two others before realising "fuck Josh you havent looked at your map or compass for ages ... whats going on" and it was quite bushy in there so got confused before I saw the ditch and followed it. At the control I paused told myself to calm down and it wasnt too big. ( but I didnt believe that)
No9 - Didnt plan the leg well enough and missed that there was two paths on the ground, when I got on the first path I thought "its pretty much the right direction" but something told me something was wrong and when I got to the junction I knew I was wrong! that cost me 1min! Fuck, fuck, fuck! then nearer the control I stopped too early when I saw the first spur and the other gaffles +45s

Really disappointed with this ending to race! Some things to work on!
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25manna Leg5 (2018-10-06) 25manna Leg5 (2018-10-06)